Unity3D middleware

2D Skeletal Animation


  • Create projects with smooth 2D animations like many popular games
  • Custom editor to turn your 2D graphics into Unity skinned meshes
  • Keyframe position, rotation, scale
  • Keyframe textures at specific times to create poses
  • Swap out materials at runtime with one line of code
  • Swap out textures at runtime to change up your weapons or accessories
  • Visual editor with preview of animations
  • Animation curve editor to fine tune your motions
  • Adjust animation curves while previewing for instant feedback
  • Change the mesh's color at runtime or in the editor
  • Change each bone's color at runtime or in the editor to create dazzling lighting effects
  • Store multiple animation clips (Stand, Walk, Attack, etc.) in an animation
  • Set mix transforms, blending mode, layer, and blending weight in editor
  • Create a bone hierarchy with parent and child relationships
  • Set colliders on bones to activate at specific keyframes
  • Set user triggers to activate sounds or other events
  • Animations use texture atlases to reduce draw calls
  • Create sprites for other props in your game
  • Each bone creates a quad resulting in low vertex count
  • Final object is a skinned mesh so you can use your normal workflow
  • Works with PlayMaker
  • Works with 2D Jump'n'Run Framework
  • Works with 2D ColliderGen
  • Works on PC, Mac, Unity Webplayer, Android, and iOS

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Playmaker Action Scripts and Demos

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